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How it started

In 2018, Celine started MIIX after she saw that various entrepreneurs around her made little or no use of social media for business purposes. It started as kind of a side job, in addition to her education, she ensured that the social media channels of the companies of various family members and acquaintances remained active. Eventually, more and more people came knocking on the door and the assignments became more varied. In addition to social media management, she was increasingly asked for other assignments such as designing business cards or setting up online advertisements.

An innovative marketing agency

Celine noticed that there was a lot of demand for marketing services from SMEs because there are not many solutions for them in this area. Regular marketing agencies are often too expensive and hiring freelancers or students is also not ideal because they are only specialized in one area. In 2019 she decided to take MIIX Agency, together with her partner Sem, to a higher level and turn it into an innovative marketing agency. Due to their innovative approach, they can offer a complete package of high quality marketing services for considerably lower prices than regular marketing agencies. MIIX does not have a physical location and it works together with a team of specialists including web developers, a designer, a photographer and a videographer.

MIIX Agency

Today, MIIX serves as a full-service remote marketing agency for various companies. With a team of 6 specialists, we work hard on varied assignments. Together we ensure that strong marketing is put in place for our customers and that they see this reflected in a growth in brand awareness and turnover.

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"Despite the fact that we mainly have contact with our customers by telephone and e-mail, they experience our cooperation as very good and accessible. Customers can always reach us, whether by e-mail, telephone or WhatsApp. We are very involved with our customers and get a lot of energy from these good collaborations and successful assignments. " - Sem.


This is the MIIX team. Everyone has their own expertise and we use them for various marketing assignments.



Web developer






Graphic designer

Sem Wattez


Founder & Advertising Specialist

Celine Pronk


Founder & Creative Director




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Let's work together!

Let's talk about your challenges and goals. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help each other.

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