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J.P. Vis & Zn.

JP Vis & Zn. is a family business that has been active in the logistics and transport industry since 1932. For years they have transported fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants for leading Dutch and Swedish supermarket chains, trading companies and producers.


We manage the social media channels of JP Vis & Zn. and help them build a bigger online presence.


Service provided:

Social Media Management

Case - J.P. Vis & Zn_
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2.400 Instagram followers

in 6 months

530 Facebook likes

in 6 months

939 LinkedIn followers

in 6 months

In November 2019 we were asked if we could meet with J.P. Vis & Zn. to see if we could help them with their social media presence. We were already familiar with J.P. Vis & Zn. because this business is run by Celine's family.

“I grew up with J.P. Vis & Zn. around me and a large part of my family also works there. However, I never had the ambition to enter the transport world. I really liked it when we were asked to take care of the social media management so that I could still contribute to our beautiful family business ” – Celine.

After a good conversation, we got to work. J.P. Vis & Zn. has grown over the years into a popular transport company and many truck enthusiasts are fans of the beautiful Vis trucks. As a result, they had already built up a nice following on Facebook. However, not much was done with LinkedIn and they did not have an Instagram account. We decided to create an Instagram account to also appeal to the younger target group, namely the novice drivers. We started by consistently placing strategic posts aimed at the different target groups that J.P. Vis & Zn. has. The goal of J.P. Vis & Zn. was not to attract more customers from their social media presence, but mainly to improve their brand awareness and image and to position themselves as a preferred employer. The latter is particularly important, as there has been a significant driver shortage for years and recruiting good staff can be a challenge. In addition to posting, we also regularly interacted with enthusiastic followers and made sure that the pages were kept up to date. Soon after we started to manage the channels professionally, the number of followers skyrocketed. To this day there is a nice, constant growth to be seen on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Many posts reach a high number of people and some receive hundreds of responses. Vacancies are now also seen and shared a lot, with the result that J.P. Vis & Zn. receives a good number of applications per vacancy.

Case - J.P. Vis & Zn. (banner)

"We have been working with MIIX Agency since November 2019. From this moment on they ensure that the social media channels of our company remain active and up to date. JP Vis & Zn. Communicates via Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and MIIX ensures that appropriate messages are posted on every platform and that responses are handled and communicated to us when necessary. The cooperation with MIIX has led to a significant growth in interested followers of JP Vis & Zn. This growth is seen on all platforms. a positive effect on our image and as a result we also reap the benefits of a greater response to the vacancies that we spread via social media, which means that JP Vis & Zn., despite the tight labor market, receives a good number of suitable applications. Vis & Zn. Completely relieves the need for a professional and up-to-date interpretation of our social media channels. our company."

René Du Parand

J.P. Vis & Zn.

René Du Parand

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