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MIIX Agency

Together, we create and implement the perfect online marketing mix for your business.

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Our services

We can help with pretty much everything related to online marketing. Below are some our services we offer.

Content creation

A social media post is nothing without good visuals. We can create compelling content to help you tell the story of your business.

Graphic design

How do you want the outside world to see your company? From the logo to the email signature, we can create all types of designs which you might need for your business.

Web design

We design and build a professional, complete website in the corporate style of your business.

Social media management

Active, well-running social media channels, more time and less stress. Let MIIX manage your socials.

Online advertising

An effective and efficient advertising campaign to promote your products or services online.


Do you find putting good texts on paper a difficult job? Our copywriters are happy to take on the textual challenge for you with their digital pen.

Online marketing agency Marbella

About us

We are MIIX, a full-service online marketing agency for various SME's in the Netherlands and Marbella. Service and quality are important to us and we are very involved with our clients. Their goals are our goals and together we try to achieve them. We have various in-house specialists in the field of marketing, design and strategy, enabling us to offer high-quality services.
Let's talk about your challenges and goals. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help each other.

We are happy with our loyal customers

Good cooperation is a two-way street. We value a lasting relationship in which we can grow together. As a result, we have built up good, long-term partnerships with various companies in different sectors over the years. Together we exchange ideas and information to ensure that business goals are achieved.

Why MIX?

Our unique corporate structure allows us to offer a complete package of high quality online marketing services at significantly lower prices than regular marketing agencies. Together with our various specialists, we ensure that the quality of the delivered work remains high and that we can work on multiple assignments for your company simultaneously. However, you always have contact with one fixed contact person, so that it remains clear. Our method is ideal for SMEs because regular online marketing agencies are often above budget. Alternatively, there is still to work with a freelancer for a lower price, but these are usually only specialized in one part. As a result, you will have to work with multiple parties, making it more difficult to maintain one strong and consistent online and offline visibility than if everything is done by one party.

Best value for money

Around 50% lower priced than regular marketing agencies, but 100% the same quality.

"The MIIX team thinks along with you and comes up with good ideas. They respond quickly to emails and keep their agreements. Recommended!"

Mieke Prins

"The collaboration with MIIX has led to a significant growth in interested followers."

René Du Parand

René Du Parand

J.P. Vis & Zn.

"MIIX works quickly and correctly. They also provide good advice and nice tips. I definitely recommend them!"

Claudia Vis van Claudia Vis Zakelijke Dienstverlening
Keyboard and Mouse

Let's work together to grow your business.


We are there for all types of companies, but especially have a lot of experience in the following sectors.

Transport and logistics


Tourism and recreation


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