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Online marketing strategy

Online marketing advice for your business, created by experts in clear language.

Custom strategy

Quickly and clearly delivered

Integrated approach

Online marketing strategy

Advice report


Analysis of website and social media channels

Recommendations to increase online visibility

Research into opportunities around online advertising

Exploration of additional possibilities


What can you expect?

This service is specially for businesses wanting to explore the possibilities of marketing in the digital world, but not sure where to start. With our expertise, we provide deep, personalized insights and a customized report that outlines various online marketing strategies for your business, with clear recommendations on the best approach. This is perfect for businesses seeking clarity and direction in the dynamic world of online marketing.

What is included

Social media strategy

We analyze the current social media channels and establish a clear plan to optimize them.

Online visibility

We analyze the current online visibility of the company and advise on potential improvements.

Website analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the website and offer targeted advice to increase the conversion rate.

Online advertising

We carefully research where your business can most effectively advertise to achieve the highest results.


We explore remarketing possibilities to retain existing customers and increase engagement.

Additional options

We explore additional options in the field of internet marketing and ideas to make your company better visible online and to increase revenue.

Some of our happy clients

"Since MIIX took over management of our social media channels, our online presence has grown tremendously."

– Rene du Parand, J.P. Vis & Zn.

Laptop MIIX Agency

Frequently asked questions

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