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Social media management

There are many opportunities in the dynamic world of social media, including for your business. But professional social media management takes time. Time that you, as a busy entrepreneur, could probably use for something else.


Social Media Management


Creating and posting content

Daily community management

Personal social media manager

Monthly insights

Starting from

€ 99.99 / month*

How does it work?

Every company is different and requires a different approach. It also depends on how many channels you are active and how often you want to post. Based on these factors, we give an indication of the number of hours we think we need to manage your socials. We will almost always be around this number of hours, but it may be that it is less or more in a certain month. For that reason, we work with an hourly rate, so it is the fairest for both parties and so that we can work more flexibly to guarantee the highest quality. However, you will never be surprised, the number of hours can only only be lower and not higher. If we are imposed extra work and cannot make it within the agreed number of hours, we always let you know in advance. That way you always know what to expect.

We can manage your social media channels in the following languages:



Nederlandse vlag


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"Since MIIX took over the management of our social media channels, our online presence has grown tremendously."

- Rene du Parand, JP Vis & Zn.

Need help managing your socials?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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