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Web design

We help you set up a professional website for your company tailored to your goals.

Custom built for you

Completely user-friendly

Optimized for SEO

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1 page

6 sections



5 pages

6 sections per page



7+ pages

6 sections per page


What can you expect?

When creating websites, we bring three important points together into a beautiful whole: professionalism, user-friendliness and clarity. We ensure that your website really stands out and fits well with your company. On websites made by us, visitors can reach the information they are looking for with a minimal number of mouse clicks. Of course we also do not forget the mobile version of the website. It will be completely user-friendly on all mobile devices.

We work with the following platforms:

What is included

Fully responsive

We ensure that the new website is user-friendly on all devices and browsers.

Basic SEO optimization

We fill in appropriate meta texts for the pages and ensure that the website is indexed.

Google Analytics set up

We set up a Google Analytics account and integrate it into the website.

Some of our happy clients

"We are very happy with our new website. MIIX thought about everything and took a lot of work off our hands."

– Yvonne Bakker, Make It Easy.

Laptop MIIX Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I tied to a subscription?
    Certainly not! If you have signed up for a social media subscription, you can cancel the collaboration at any time and only pay for the hours worked up to that point.
  • Will I still be able to approve the posts before they go live?
    Absolutely. We do not post without your approval. You receive a content calendar from us every month with an overview of the planned posts for the following month. You can always request changes. So even though you have your social media outsourced, you still have full control over your social media channels!
  • How quickly can you start if I request a social media package?
    We need about two weeks to prepare and collect all information, depending on which social media package you have chosen. After these two weeks, the first posts can already go live (after your approval) and we can start building your online presence on social media.
  • I only want support in the field of social media, I do not want to outsource everything (yet). Is this also possible?
    Certainly, we are happy to offer customized social media support. Our services are flexible and we are happy to put together a custom social media package based on your specific wishes and needs. Whether you're looking for help setting up a social media strategy, creating content, or advertising on social media, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.
  • How do I pay for your social media management services?
    Our billing process for our social media packages is very simple and flexible. At the end of each month, you will digitally receive the invoice for the fixed monthly amount. This way, you always know what costs to expect.
  • Are my social media accounts and passwords safe with your company?
    Yes, your accounts and passwords are in safe hands with us. We use two-factor authentication for all accounts we manage to ensure their security. In addition, all passwords are stored in a secure environment that is protected against hacking and unauthorized access. Your account information and passwords are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality and security. We also offer social media support to help you troubleshoot issues related to your accounts and passwords.
  • On which platforms can you manage my social media?
    We offer the option to fully outsource your social media on various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. With our tailor-made subscription, we ensure that all your accounts are professionally managed.
  • What is social media management?
    Social media management involves the continuous creation and planning of content to grow and engage an audience on social media. This includes content strategy, content creation, community management, and monitoring the results. The goal is not only to increase visibility for your brand, but also to build personal connections and strengthen your brand.

Need help building a professional website?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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